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Systems of roller gates

Industrial gates
Industrial gates constitute basic protection of building openings of industrial halls, warehouse or sales and service facilities against any unauthorized access, burglary and weather conditions. Aluprof offers roller gates for investors, who face a dilemma of selection of a proper gate.

Durability and reliability

The gate is raised and lowered by means of a three-phase 400 V AC electric motor, ensuring safe and long-term operation. Profile of PE 100, of which the curtain is built, provides stability and resistance to mechanical action. The shell profile is characterized by very good color stability and improved abrasion resistance, and protects against the harmful weather conditions.


  • Aluprof gate can be installed in both existing buildings as well as start-ups
  • gate is controlled by a switch located inside the hall; depending on your needs, you can also use radio controllers or other selected combinations of controls that ensure high comfortof use
  • Aluprof gate can operate in extreme weather conditions (from -25°C to 65°C)
  • the gate can be used up to a maximum width of 7 m and a height of 5 m, but the total area cannot exceed 31,5 m2,
  • Aluprof industrial gate also means a modern look and wide range of colors allowing for aesthetic incorporation into the building's wall.


Aluprof roller gate is a safe solution. As standard, it is equipped with the following security means:
  • emergency brake provides protection against self-unrolling of the curtain
  • use of contact safety sensor in the bottom strip provides protection against crushing by a closing gate
  • photocell system will react to movements in the gate's clearance, causing it to stop or withdraw
  • emergency manual operation allows to open or close the gate by a chain or crank.

Gate structure and technical parameters

BKR rolled grids
The gate's curtain is wound onto a steel winding pipe with a diameter adapted to the requirements of strength, mounted on brackets supporting it and a bearing. Consoles are fixed directly to the wall or other structural elements. The actuator transferring drive onto a roller tube can be mounted on the right or left side of the gate. In case of doors mounted near the lintel, you should pay attention to the minimum lintel's height required to mount the gate (the diameter of the beam depends on the height of the door).
Due to its specific use, each garage space should be functional and safe. The most important element responsible for these properties is the garage door. The door, which not only protects the car, but often also prevents access to the house. Bearing in mind such requirements, Aluprof offers you rolling garage doors.


The rolled up garage doors are versatile solution - the gate can be installed in both in-built and in he existing ones. Space saving is an important advantage of rolling gates. The gate working in the vertical plane is particularly a good option, where a driveway is short and leads directly to the street. This improves the driver's safety, as the raised curtain does not limit the visibility. Functionality of the rolled gate is also confirmed by its individual components. The profile, which consists of armor, have good thermal and acoustic insulation.
The access of light can be ensured by fitting profiles with glazing in the curtain.


The roller door is a safe solution in every respect. The curtain made of PA 77 profiles is resistant to mechanical, while solid guides greatly hinder its breaking.
The door is also fitted as standard with lifting protection. Electromagnetic brake of the actuator driving the gate with locking hooks effectively reduces any attempt to lift the gate. In accordance with the applicable standards, in the construction of our gates we also anticipate providing protection against crushing with a closing gate. If you find any obstacles in the photocell operation, the gate is immediately stopped. Power failure also makes no problem.
In case of power failure, the gate can be opened or closed using the emergency manual drive (ANR), in which the Aluprof actuators can be fitted with.


Garage door
Being an essential architectural element, the door should harmonize with the building's façade. Thanks to proper colors and esthetics, it may perfectly emphasize the house's and garage's façade.

Comfort of use

The use of the electric drive and remote control provides great comfort of use. Radio control allows you to open and close the door without having to get out of the car. This can be a particular advantage e.g. in the rain or in the evening.With a remote control, you can turn on the lighting of the driveway or garage.

PA 77 Gate profile

It is made of high quality aluminum sheets, designed for the construction of rolling shutters curtains. Emphasis has been put on the profile's safety values. Special shape of the profiles and proper thickness of the sheet allows to build a stable curtain resistant to mechanical actions. The use of high quality lacquer coating that makes the profile is characterized by very good durability and increased resistance to abrasion. Profile is resistant to weathering and easy to keep clean. The advantage is its high durability and small weight. Depending on the needs, the PA 77 profiles may be combined in the curtain with glazing PER 77 profiles and ventilation PEW 77 profiles.
Rolled up grids
Increasingly frequent acts of vandalism and theft force the shopkeepers, shopping malls, banks or museums to select the proper security while ensuring the presentation of their own exposure. In order to meet these expectations, Aluprof offers the rolled grille PEK and PER 80 77 made from high-grade aluminum alloy coated with powder paint resistant to abrasion and weathering, in wide range of colors according to RAL.

Drive and control of the rolled gate

Roller gate is lifted and lowered by means of an electric actuator. The control grid is performed by a switch located inside or outside the room. Selected combinations of control devices provide high comfort. Depending on your needs, you can use the radio controllers or key switches for operating the bars from the outside.


Aluprof roller gate is a safe solution. It comes standard with the following types of security:
  • protection against self-development of the curtain (emergency brake)
  • protection against crushing by the closing grate (contact safety sensor in the bottom strip or system of photocells)
  • electronic or mechanical overload towed sensor prevent from pulling off the gate,
  • emergency manual gate opening system.

Design of the gate

BKR Rolled up gates
The gate is rolled up onto an aluminum roller tube embedded in a box or on consoles which support it and the bearing. Consoles are fixed directly to the wall or other structural elements.
In the case of grating mounted in the lintel attention should paid to the minimum headroom required to mount the grating (beam diameter depends on the height of the bars or the size of the casing).


Aluprof Roller gate is a universal solution. The gate may be installed in both existing buildings as well as the start-ups. The basic function and advantage of the roller gate is to protect the building while being able to:
  • present the exposure
  • ensure proper ventilation in the passages and underground garages, multi-storey car parks
  • change the spacing and number of windows in order to create your selected design
  • use of glass in the gate profile, which provides additional protection against wind, rain, dust, etc.